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Rock&Roll Promo

Dear Fundraiser

During this tough economic climate, we bet you’re looking for new entertainment to compliment quizzes, Karaoke nights and other special events throughout the year or even replace a tired old traditional bingo night. Well look no further, because Globe Carnival Club can help you through these tough times by hosting a Rock & Roll Bingo event for you.

Globe Carnival Club provides you with a DJ, host and quiz master all rolled into one:-


-Perfect for a fundraising event

-Corporate event

-A unique event with a great atmosphere

-Creating a buzz and get people talking and coming back for more


What Is Rock & Roll Bingo?

Quite simply, bingo with music....

•Replace traditional bingo numbers with a 15 second clip of music

•Replace the numbers on the bingo card with the name of an artist and song.

•When you hear a song that’s on your card, mark it off.

that’s the musical bingo phenomenon that is Rock & Roll Bingo!



Whatever you are fundraising for, you'll be hard pushed to find a more enjoyable way of getting cash out of people than Rock & Roll Bingo!

Prizes are to be issued at your discretion (possibly donated by local business), but they don't have to be all singing and dancing.



Calling all party people! Whether it be a Birthday Party, Hen or Stag Party, Rock & Roll Bingo is being used more and more on the party scene, and who can blame them? Cheap, easy to play and most of all.... Great Fun!



Some of the biggest blue chip companies in the UK have used Rock & Roll Bingo for staff parties, creating a great atmosphere with everyone having fun. Rock and Roll Bingo uses music from the last 5 decades and no genre is left out: from Elvis and the Beatles to the Kings of Leon and Adele, there's something for everyone.


Rock & Roll Bingo has the same fun factor whether it's 10 people playing or 1000. It has been used from the small local shop to adding a bit of fun in a staff training day.


For event planners looking to increase the appeal of corporate events and for employers wanting to maximise the effect of their events by increasing delegate engagement, a combination of fun and serious learning offers the solution, and yes you guessed it......... Rock & Roll Bingo!


Pubs/Social Clubs

Another favourable thing to come out of using Rock & Roll Bingo is increased sales; whether that is bar sales, food sales or the additional revenue of ticket sales.


Are you Ready to Rock & Roll?

Rock & Roll Bingo is taking off all over the world. It’s fun, versatile and profitable so get in touch and see what Rock & Roll Bingo can do for you.


We look forward to hearing from you and helping you put the Fun back into fundraising.

Globe Carnival Club


Contact us:-    E-mail: [email protected]